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What is crEATe?

crEATe Beef, Chicken, & Fish are dry, plant-based meat alternatives made from PEAS! They transform into ready-to-use products within a matter of minutes using JUST cold water + your favorite healthy oil!

All 3 of our plant-based meats are lightly seasoned, giving you the freedom to customize with your own herbs and spices however you’d like to accomplish your desired flavor profile…

“Good Food isn’t an Accident…

You crEATe It!”

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Bring the crEATivity to your food service customers by partnering with crEATe Good Foods and adding crEATe Plant-Based Meat to your menu!


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Customer Testimonials

I had a regular hamburger yesterday just so I could compare to crEATe and the beef really tastes like beef!

Vivian Garmon

I think the food is amazing! I'm usually eating vegan food and compared to other vegan brands, it's WOW and tastes exactly like meat, amazing flavor and smell and very fresh!

Vardit Pariente

Honestly, I really wasn't expecting much because I'm really a beef guy but it was REALLY good and I really enjoyed it

Joseph Hernandez


Packed with High Quality Plant-Based Nutrition


Superb Texture & Flavor


Better for you, Better for the world
8% Bundle Set Up Option

crEATe Trio Variety Pack

We encourage you to try our variety pack so that you can experience the versatility of our CREATE Beef, Chicken and Fish. We are sure you will love all three

Your choice of any combination of Beef, Chicken, or Fish up to 3 selections.