Our Team


Ilan Gelberg

CEO & Founder

A visionary entrepreneur, Ilan founded crEATe Good Foods with an intention rooted in a bigger vision to positively change humanity, our environment, and business work culture through the power of crEATivity! Focusing on the journey of personal growth and deeper connection, Ilan strives to stretch himself and those around him in ways that expand one’s potential like never before. His innate desire to impact the world utilizing the platforms he has built is truly the center of crEATe Good Foods and everything it represents.


Alex Gruzman

Food Technician, Scientist & Co-Founder

Alex has over 25 years experience in Food Science and Technology, working in different food labs and producers in Israel. He is the original CREATOR of the crEATe Good Foods Formula and the Head of R&D for the development and improvement of crEATe products. 




Terence Johnson

Chief Operating Officer

A relentless advocate for success, Terence is the type of team leader who doesn't rest until the job is done, consistently elevating those around him. He brings extensive expertise in the food industry with a strong 14+ year background in manufacturing and distribution, serving as a Regional VP at Sysco Foods and Director at Frito Lay. A results-driven leader, Terence is known for accelerating KPIs in Service, Quality, and Efficiency, along with an aggressive approach to follow-up, ensuring both customers and employees receive the attention they deserve. His commitment extends beyond the workplace, as he has actively collaborated with various non-profit organizations as a dedicated Diabetes Board member of the California Chapter, led food packaging initiatives with Feed America, and currently works with multiple cities on homeless programs.


Josh Sizemore

Executive Advisor to CEO

            With over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur in building retail, tech, and CPG brands, Josh is a results driven executive advisor who directly contributes to the growth and expansion of crEATe Good Foods Inc. His knowledge, direction, and advice spreads across all departments of CGF and has assisted in the conceptualization of the company’s future ideas and goals. Whether it’s strategic planning or branding, Josh is the connection of where crEATivity meets practical application!


Leli Hamilton

Operations Manager

With a track record of top performance and amazing communication, Leli is the conductor of all operations within crEATe Good Foods Inc. Exuding a solution based approach, Leli’s entrepreneur experience paired with his contagious high energy, can-do attitude has more than assisted in bringing the vision to life - it is the flame behind overcoming the hurdles, leaps, and bounds that come with being a start-up company. If a door closes, Leli figures out how to unlock the door, find an open window, or a completely new door to walk through - he is the action behind the practical application to our crEATive ideas!